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Acupuncture Services for Pets

Acupuncture is a therapeutic treatment helping pets recover from injuries and surgery. The goal of acupuncture is to stimulate healing and pain relief in your furry friend’s body. It is helpful for pain management as well as a pre-emptive type of medicine. We highly recommend this tried-and-true Chinese practice to support your pet in their healing journey.

How will acupuncture help my pet?

Our veterinary team might recommend acupuncture to help support your pet’s healing process after a surgical procedure or injury. This Chinese medicinal practice is known for its ability to promote internal health by increasing tissue regeneration and improving blood flow. Acupuncture is helpful if your pet is experiencing joint pain caused by arthritis or other chronic pain. When paired with other forms of treatment that we offer, like rehabilitation and medication, it can decrease pain and inflammation in your pet’s body.

Do the needles hurt them?

Acupuncture aims to ease pain, not cause it. Our veterinary team is highly skilled in placing the needles into acupuncture points, areas of your furry friend’s body where blood vessels and nerves. Needles inserted at an inflamed area aim to relieve pain in that site and throughout their body. By inserting needles at these points, your pet’s nervous system benefits from stimulation to support healing and the easing of pain in these areas. The goal is to have your furry friends leaving our hospital with less pain over time than when they initially started their treatments.

What can I expect in their session?

Before the session, we will perform a physical exam as well as walk through what you and your pet can expect. We’ll discuss what acupuncture might look like for your pet, including how often they’ll need sessions, as well as if other treatment methods can be combined to support their healing. Session typically lasts between 20-30 minutes. To be most effective, furry friends need sessions over time to see the long-term results. If you’re interested in scheduling your pet an acupuncture appointment or need more information, please contact us at 204.488.1843.