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Dermatology Services for Pets

We know you enjoy showing your furry friend some love with lots by petting them. They love receiving them almost as much as you enjoy giving them, which is why dermatology is vital. Your pet’s skincare routine helps them maintain healthy skin and coat. Though their skincare might not look like creams and moisturizers like their humans use, it’s still important to lean on the expertise of our team to discuss ways you can continue to take care of your pet’s skin.

What are common skin problems I should know about?

External irritants can cause skin issues for your furry family member. Parasites like fleas can cause an allergic reaction, making your pet’s skin itchy or can even cause an infection. Fungus like ringworm can also cause itchiness that can be spread to humans too. Allergies are another culprit of skin issues. If your pet is allergic to specific things in the environment like pollen or grass and certain foods, it might trigger a skin infection.

Are there signs I should look out for?

Depending on the specific irritant, there are a range of signs that might manifest. Pets can react differently depending on the skin issue, but generally, you can look out for:

  • Excessive licking or scratching
  • Hair loss or bald patches
  • Body odour
  • Sores or redness along their fur
  • Rolling or rubbing against object more than usual
  • Chewing their foot

    What should I incorporate into my pet’s skincare routine?

    First, if you notice any of the signs above, please connect with our team at 204.488.1843 to schedule an appointment. Aside from regular checkups with our veterinary team, make sure your pet is being groomed often. Drinking lots of water and maintaining a healthy diet are also key components of their skincare routine. Also, if your pet doesn’t have a parasite control plan, please discuss with our veterinary team to protect them against parasites.