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Rehabilitation Services for Pets

Rehabilitation helps your pet return to the best version of themselves after surgery or an injury. Pets are experts at camouflaging their pain so, it’s important to provide them with techniques to recoup in a space catered towards their healing. If you have questions about our rehabilitation services, please contact us at 204.488.1843.

How is rehabilitation helpful for my pet?

The aches your furry friend may feel after a surgical procedure or injury do not always go away quickly. They live in a great deal of pain and discomfort. We use various rehabilitation techniques to help pets recover from injury or surgery, increase mobility and improve flexibility, as well as lose weight and increase their fitness level. The benefits of rehabilitation are improving your pet’s recovery time and alleviating pain.

What is it useful for treating?

Rehabilitation has a range of benefits, depending on the area of the body we’re targeting. It can help support your pet’s healing by:

  • Treating acute and chronic injuries
  • Minimizing muscle degeneration
  • Speeding up the healing process for open and closed wounds
  • Stimulating tissue repair
  • Treating inflammation and swelling
  • Managing pain
  • Weight loss and management

    How do I start my pet with rehabilitation?

    First, you can contact our team to set an appointment. At the session, we’ll examine your pet and co-create a treatment plan that best supports their needs. In addition to the therapeutic treatment we’ll offer at our hospital, we’ll also provide you with exercises you can do with your pet at home to support their recovery.