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Reproduction Services for Pets

Our hospital offers a wide range of reproductive services. We are pleased to have Dr. Stewart-Hay offers her expertise to our clients, using her keen interest in reproductive medicine to support your reproductive needs. She currently is a breeder of English Cocker Spaniels. If you are interested in any of our reproduction services, please connect with us at 204.488.1843.

What are the reproduction services you offer?

Our veterinary team offers a variety of reproductive services, including:

  • Canine Reproductive Planning – since timing is key, we offer semen evaluations (motility, morphology, and concentration) for male pets and female reproductive exams (in-house progesterone testing and vaginal cytology) for female pets for the best breeding results
  • Semen Collection for Shipping – we use the minitube CaniPlus Chill LT semen extender to collect and assess the semen of stud dogs. We cannot freeze semen at our hospital, but we do ship chilled samples
  • Artificial and Surgical Insemination – we perform routine, fresh chilled and surgical inseminations
  • Pregnancy Diagnosis and Radiographs – we use our in-house ultrasound to confirm pet pregnancies after day 30 and digital X-rays approximately one week before whelping to evaluate the fetal size and estimate litter size.
  • Whelping and Caesarean Sections – when your pet is giving birth, we’re able to offer C-sections as a way to safely deliver puppies