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Ultrasound and X-ray Services for Pets

Ultrasounds and X-rays allow us to take a look at what’s happening inside your pet’s body using non-invasive tools. They are the best and most pet-friendly way to examine your pet’s internal organs and other body parts to improve their diagnosis. If you have questions about our imaging technology, please contact us at 204.488.1843.

What’s the difference between an ultrasound and X-ray?

Both are diagnostic tools that help us to get a more accurate picture of your pet’s internal health. With the help of a handheld probe over specific areas, ultrasounds use sound wave technology to generate pictures of your pet’s body. X-rays use electromagnetic radiation to create images of your furry friend’s insides.

Are these technologies safe for pets?

We believe both ultrasounds and X-rays are safe for pets, despite the slight risks involved. Though there are some risks with radiation exposure while using X-rays, our team and your pet wear protective gear to ensure their safety. We take every precaution to ensure your pet is taken care of while we take their internal pictures. X-rays and ultrasounds might help us examine your pet’s:

  • Pregnancy
  • Obstructions or foreign objects
  • Tumours
  • Organs like the heart and lungs
  • Fractures or broken bones
  • Ligaments and tendons

    How do I prepare my pet?

    Our veterinary team will go through everything you’ll need to do to prepare your pet for their imaging appointment. For example, it might be helpful to ensure your pet doesn’t eat before their ultrasound or X-ray. Especially if we’re taking a look at their abdomen, an empty tummy creates clearer images.